Discover How to Master the High Ticket Sales Process...So You Can Close Deals Predictably and Consistently!
Do you know you can predictably close more high ticket deals by implementing the “Law Of 33’s” when your lead comes in?
33% Lead Indoctrination
33% Sales Process 
33% Lead Tracking and Follow Up
Do you ever wonder ...
How to get your leads to show up for the call?
Why prospects have lots of objections?
Where are the flaws in your sales script?
Where your lead cost is really going?
How to track what your Closer is doing in real time?
Why there’s so many chargebacks?
How to maximize every lead and follow up effortlessly, consistently?
Here's the secret...Its NOT a sales script, It’s NOT hiring a closer.
Its NOT a sales script, It’s NOT hiring a closer.
It's the process...
Let me explain, High Ticket Sales doesn’t have to be difficult! Having the opportunity to work with some of the biggest marketers like Russel Brunson, Kaela Kanae, Anik Singal, Frank Kern, Josh Harris, Jared Goetz, Dan Henry and many, many other entrepreneurs, in a variety of niches, selling all kinds of high ticket offers. 

The experience I have had consulting for them, closing their deals, managing their teams, training their closers… has helped me get complete clarity on the sales process from start to finish.

Over the years I have put together a powerful team that has been in the trenches with me. With over 100 years of combined sales and business strategy experience, we have carefully and concisely broken down the High Ticket Sales Process to the ridiculous.

Like a pit crew at the Indy 500 we have identified what you need to rev up your high ticket offer and accelerate toward your sales goals.

Now we are sharing the secrets that have closed over $100 million in sales...

So you don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on leads that don’t convert, Spending 100’s of hours on false methods, banging your head against the wall wondering, why your not closing more deals or why do your closers always suck.

It has taken myself and my team tens of thousands of hours of phone closes, countless Zoom meetings, countless split testing strategies, trying various systems… to finally feel like we have mastered the High Ticket Sales process. We have detailed out the whole process and want to share what we have learned with you.
Now, you can implement the same strategies and process we use…
High Ticket Sales Accelerator
“Group Coaching”
Can this work for me ?
The big question on most my clients minds is...how can this work for me?

Many clients come to me “I just need a Closer” then to discover they were missing so much more!

Inside the “High Ticket Sales Accelerator Training” you are going to learn…
- Overcoming Objections
- Lead Tracking
- ScheduleOnce Set Up Training
- Zapier Training
- Pipedrive Training
- Funding Options
- Merchanting power
- Lead Indoctrination
- Pre-Call Process
- Foundation of a top 10% Closer
- Influence and Persuasion
- Bridge Page Method Demo/shared Template
- Ultimate Sales Script Training
- Transition to Onboarding
If you are ready to stop with the trial and error and stop costing yourself time and money. If you are ready to be done missing sales you should have had.. then click the button below to get immediate access to the“High Ticket Sales Accelerator” group coaching program TODAY!
Today, you can make the decision to level up but only if you want to learn process so your able to convert more high ticket sales OR you can continue to experience losing TIME and MONEY. 
This is the ONLY High Ticket Sales training designed with YOUR success in mind.
This coaching is for you if….
You are a business owner ready to attract your ideal customer and retain the best closers in the industry.

You are a closer who wants to identify the key elements a company should have in place to create the maximum opportunity for you to get deals done.
Are you still thinking “I JUST need a closer?” 
It’s true, every successful high ticket offer has great closers. But just like an engine is an essential part of a car it’s only a fraction of what is necessary to reach its destination.   

Today, you can make the decision to master the high ticket sales process and start learning what it takes to close millions in sales.

Topics we will be covering on the bi-weekly zoom calls. 
Elite Sales training for High Ticket Sales Process
- Bridge Page template and Training/ Lets get your leads indoctrinated properly.
- Ultimate Sales Script / Let's get your sales process dialed in like Vince Lombardi
- Lead Scoring Tracker / Let's help you get your leads scored and understand your numbers.
- Complete overview of the sales flow / Lucidchart training
- Overcoming Objections Training
- Pipedrive training / 33% of your sales are lost do to unorganized sales people or lack of process.
- Funding Options / training on how to help prospects get money
Bonus Training...
- Written Proposals example PDF
- One Page Agreements example PDF
- Training for connecting Zapier
- Training for Schedule Once Set up  
Let’s get you started now!
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